My best friend & brother Paul Lemire died at the age of 43 from Pancreatic Cancer.  I spent much time while he was fighting for his life trying to help by giving him nutrition.  It was a longdreary day in 2012 when he was receiving treatment at the BLOC Center in Chicago...He called me and told me his DR. said "part of the reason you are battling this type cancer at such a young age is from food and all the crap they put it in these days"

My heart sank...Paul passed away in August of 2013.  True story and it's a harsh reality when you watch someone die from Cancer.  One of the MANY reasons I joined PM International was because of the I learned in my trip to Speyer Germany before we launched.  I was absolutely blown away at the science and credibility.  PM has also helped me in my fight to help others and to prevent deadly disease like Cancer!

So will the REAL "Clean" Nutrition Company PLEASE STAND UP?  Thank you...

It is PM International from Germany.  (23 years old, debt free,over 450 Million sales)

So, WHY is this product line so special?  Safe and effective? 

1.  European Legislation is very strict! (banning harmful organisms allowed in US)

2.  NON GMO so nothing is genetically modified!  (GMO's are banned in Europe)

3.  Nothing artificial! (Nothing artificial allowed in Europe)

4.  Sweeteners are all Natural! 

5.  Gluten Free!

6.  GMP Certified! (Good Manufacturing Process - Less then 5% of Company's are)

7.  Regularly tested by the renowned Swiss Vitamin Institute in Lausanne.

8.  Our products are on the "Cologne List",a list from the Olympic Center on the Rhine

9.  43 Patents on our Products!

10. NTC (Nutrient Transport Concept ensures near 100% absorption)

Realize the most common dangers/side effects of GMO's...

-unpredicted allergies


-antibiotic resistant diseases

-nutritional problems

Realize the most common dangers/side effects of Artificial Sweeteners...

-increase hormones

-cause overeating

-cause diabetes





Realize the most common dangers/side effects of Gluten...

-nausea and vomiting


-irritation of the mouth and throat

-hives and rash

-nasal congestion

-eye irritation

-difficulty breathing

To say the LEAST... it is IMPERATIVE that we pay attention to these types of problems in today's food and nutritional supplements.  PM International is the ONLY company in the USA with what I would call "SUPER SAFE PRODUCTS"

Join the mission...

Mike and Brandy