This interview will add a COMMA to your check!

I am excited to share a 3 part series "Interview" style with a legend in the direct sales industry and a VERY good friend of mine for nearly 20 years...Jeff Weisberg.  Jeff has made his fortune in direct sales as a single father of two boys. 


Jeff is a NO excuse, NO bullshit, 1000% ACTION kind of guy.  

Jeff tells it like it is...and his infectious energy and humor makes him a guy everyone in the industry loves to hang out with and learn from when it comes to success.

Listen to part one of the interview...

Brandy and I had an awesome trip to Europe last year. We are pictured here with Jeff and and his beautiful girlfiend Sandra. This picture brings back many of our great memories...we had an AMAZING dinner for my birthday in Frankfurt then we drove into Luxembourg for the next few days. The hotel bar was closed but they opened it up to allow us a bottle to celebrate! Traveling the world with friends is priceless.  

You know what's really neat?  

Jeff and I both have a mutual mentor, Larry Thompson who is the Co-Founder of Herbalife, a $5 BILLION company still today! You can hear Jeff share his name several times in the interview and for good reason, Larry Thompson is the "Mentor to the Millionaires".  Ironically Larry Thompson mentored and worked with my parents in the late 1960's in a company called Bestline.  Bestline was a company where many legends like Larry got their start...people like Jim Rohn, Les Brown and more!  


Brandy and I with Larry & Taylor Thompson in San Francisco after business we found time to play!   

Brandy and I with Larry & Taylor Thompson in San Francisco after business we found time to play!


So take Jeff's advice very serious from this fact listen to it again and again if needed before we dive in to the next call on Activity and Leadership.  Jeff is challenging us to make a commitment to personal growth.  

Jeff's CHALLENGE is simple:

"Commit to 15-30 minutes of personal growth everyday" 

  • read a book
  • watch a video on YouTube 
  • read a positive article
  • call one of your mentors

Challenge yourself to do this everyday, starting today! 

-Motivated Mike 

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