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As moms we are often guilty of putting our families needs over our own. We are often exhausted and touched out, especially if you are breastfeeding. It comes with the title “mom”. Or does it?? How do you know when it’s just #momlife or if it’s something more??

I am breastfeeding my 3rd child. Anya is 2 years old and loves her milk, she’s even up several times a night wanting to nurse. So it should come at no surprise that I am always tired! However, on top of being tired my libido has completely disappeared, I was constantly getting sick, some days I could barely get through a workout, other days my body hurts just walking up the stairs. My periods are very irregular and I often have bad bloating, cramps and PMS. I’ve seen so many moms complain of these same symptoms and we are all told that it’s “normal” or it’s because we are “breastfeeding”.

While mom life can absolutely be exhausting and it is “normal” for breastfeeding to lower your libido we have become too used to the “new normal”. I started seeing Dr. Jerrica Sweetnich , ND, CNS after almost 2 years of dealing with these symptoms. I just wanted to feel better and like myself again!

Dr. Sweetnich suggested doing a SIBO test as our first step and it came back positive! We started a natural treatment course and treated this as a first step. SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. Watch for a blog on SIBO in the future. If you suspect that you have SIBO consult an ND for testing.

After we completed the SIBO treatment she suggested that we do hormone testing. The test was a urine test that I completed at home at a specific time during my cycle. When we got the results back it explained so much about the symptoms I was experiencing. For 2 years I thought that it was all a normal part of breastfeeding and it’s NOT! Turns out I was in a total burnout stage! I’m so thankful for Dr. Sweetnich!

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Because I’ve seen so many other moms complain about the exact symptoms I was experiencing we decided to do a call on this topic and go over a sample hormone test report. If you suspect that you have hormone imbalances please find an ND and ask them about hormone testing like the Dutch Test! If you need help finding an ND in your area please join HEALTHY HUSTLERS and we will be happy to help direct you to someone in your area if we can!

Here is a complete sample report so you can see how in depth it is. It’s amazing what I learned when we went over mine!

One of the hormones in my report that was really low was Testosterone. This explains my decreased libido and muscle weakness.


My estrogens and progesterone were out of balance which also explains a few of my symptoms!


Your cortisol levels are supposed to rise and fall throughout the day. My levels were low all day. This explains why I was tired ALL day long. Many days I woke up tired and needed an afternoon nap.


Although I wrote this blog aimed towards moms I want to mention that women aren’t the only ones who suffer from hormonal imbalances. If one of the men in your life is experiencing some of these symptoms then I suggest they see an ND and have hormone testing done as well!


Dr. Sweetnich is located in Akron OH but does virtual visits as well. You can connect with her via Facebook or via the Revitalize website.