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The Power of Juicing with Anna in the Raw!!

Mike and I had to pleasure of visiting Chef Anna at her cafe in Downtown Cleveland Good to Go Cafe. Anna is very passionate about what she does and got started after her father died at a young age.  Visit her website at

Chef Anna

Chef Anna

So what is Cold Pressed Juice??? 

Cold Pressed means that no heat gets near the juice, the motor isn't near the actual juice and keeps the integrity of the juice for at least 72 hours.

When you juice at home it's been exposed to heat (unless you have a industrial juicer like Anna) and therefore must be consumed right away. (withing a half hour) When you juice or make smoothies at home make only enough to consume right away. If you aren't consuming it right away your body processes it like regular sugar.

How can you tell if a juice you are buying in a store is truly cold pressed?? You CAN'T see through cold pressed juice! Most juices in the store are about 50% water!!

What should I use to juice??

When fruit or veggies are about to go that's the best time to use them!!

You don't need pretty produce so visit your local farmers market and have fun and take advantage of sales!! You can eliminate a lot of waste with juicing!

Fruit should be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach or mid morning/afternoon. Fruit takes longer to digest and can cause gas and discomfort.

Read labels and do your homework! Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't trust someone else to do your homework for you, it's your body and your responsibility!

If you aren't a fan of eating greens juicing is a great way to get your daily serving of greens!! Greens are very alkaline and your body needs a balance of alkaline and acidic.

Your body regenerates every 7 years, what you feed your cells is what they are gong to produce. You can literally change anything in your body!

Activated Charcoal is like a magnet and pulls toxins or anything foreign out of your body! Even birth control ladies so be careful taking it if you are on the pill!! Any medicine that your body doesn't recognize.

Did you know that your bad breath in the morning is a combination of gases from your food digesting?!?! Ewwww right! Drinking warm water with half a lemon every morning when you wake up will alkaline your body and add 10 years to your life!

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