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Benefits of Co-Bathing and Breast Milk Baths!!

We don't always bathe with flowers :) This was for our Milk Bath photo shoot! 

I started co bathing with Anya as soon as her umbilical cord fell off. It was a great way for us to have skin to skin time. She LOVES to nurse while we are in the bath. As she has grown she has a blast splashing around and playing in the bath with mama! I cherish our bath time together and love that she always wants to snuggle for the first few minutes we are in there! I had no clue when we started that there were a ton of health benefits as well!

Benefits for baby:

  1. Great bonding experience
  2. Promotes skin to skin contact
  3. Relaxing for baby, keeps them calm during bath time
  4. It's more comfortable and warm then a cold baby bath
  5. Encourages breastfeeding

Benefits for mom:

  1. It's a relaxing way to unwind after a long day
  2. Boosts the hormones that help lactation
  3. Great bonding experience
  4. Stimulates milk letdown
  5. Encourages breastfeeding
  6. It's convenient! We travel a lot and never have to worry about how to bathe her

Tips for successful co bathing:

  • Make sure water temperature is comfortable for baby and not too hot
  • Add enough milk to make the water cloudy
  • Have towels laid out for you and baby
  • I try to bathe her when someone is home to help me get out of the tub
  • If you are home alone have a bouncer or something next to the tub to set baby in after you wrap them in a towel so you can get out
  • If you are worried about the baby being slippery you can use textured gloves (available at bath and body stores)
  • We like to dim the lights and listen to relaxing music
  • I usually add Lavender and Chamomile Roman to the bath to help us both relax and help her sleep (I love this organic line from Europe!)

Breast Milk Baths

When Anya was 2 months old she developed eczema so we started researching Breast Milk baths. I only bathe her 1-2 times a week and a few times a month we add breast milk to our bath. NEVER pump and dump or throw away expired breast milk!!! It can be used in your bath!! Also great if you have high lipase and baby won't drink your stored milk.

You can take some amazing milk bath photos too!! We took these in our bathroom on an iPhone! 

You can take some amazing milk bath photos too!! We took these in our bathroom on an iPhone! 

Benefits of Breast Milk baths

  1. Clears up eczema and other skin problems
  2. Helps clear up pink eye or blocked tear ducts
  3. Soothes and heals diaper rash
  4. Moisturizes the skin
  5. Heals cuts and scrapes
  6. Helps clear up baby acne

Breast Milk is also great for healing ear infections (placing a few drops inside the ear), clearing up moms acne and rubbing the fatty part of your milk on stretch marks! I'm very into natural remedies and try to avoid antibiotics as much as possible so I'm not going to lie....I've drank my own milk when feeling under the weather! It's natures best nutrition!!

I've it's very important to use coconut oil on the baby after a breast milk bath to seal in the moisture, I usually add Lavender essential oil to help her sleep.