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Benefits of Co-Bathing and Breast Milk Baths!!

We don't always bathe with flowers :) This was for our Milk Bath photo shoot! 

I started co bathing with Anya as soon as her umbilical cord fell off. It was a great way for us to have skin to skin time. She LOVES to nurse while we are in the bath. As she has grown she has a blast splashing around and playing in the bath with mama! I cherish our bath time together and love that she always wants to snuggle for the first few minutes we are in there! I had no clue when we started that there were a ton of health benefits as well!

Benefits for baby:

  1. Great bonding experience
  2. Promotes skin to skin contact
  3. Relaxing for baby, keeps them calm during bath time
  4. It's more comfortable and warm then a cold baby bath
  5. Encourages breastfeeding

Benefits for mom:

  1. It's a relaxing way to unwind after a long day
  2. Boosts the hormones that help lactation
  3. Great bonding experience
  4. Stimulates milk letdown
  5. Encourages breastfeeding
  6. It's convenient! We travel a lot and never have to worry about how to bathe her

Tips for successful co bathing:

  • Make sure water temperature is comfortable for baby and not too hot
  • Add enough milk to make the water cloudy
  • Have towels laid out for you and baby
  • I try to bathe her when someone is home to help me get out of the tub
  • If you are home alone have a bouncer or something next to the tub to set baby in after you wrap them in a towel so you can get out
  • If you are worried about the baby being slippery you can use textured gloves (available at bath and body stores)
  • We like to dim the lights and listen to relaxing music
  • I usually add Lavender and Chamomile Roman to the bath to help us both relax and help her sleep (I love this organic line from Europe!)

Breast Milk Baths

When Anya was 2 months old she developed eczema so we started researching Breast Milk baths. I only bathe her 1-2 times a week and a few times a month we add breast milk to our bath. NEVER pump and dump or throw away expired breast milk!!! It can be used in your bath!! Also great if you have high lipase and baby won't drink your stored milk.

You can take some amazing milk bath photos too!! We took these in our bathroom on an iPhone! 

You can take some amazing milk bath photos too!! We took these in our bathroom on an iPhone! 

Benefits of Breast Milk baths

  1. Clears up eczema and other skin problems
  2. Helps clear up pink eye or blocked tear ducts
  3. Soothes and heals diaper rash
  4. Moisturizes the skin
  5. Heals cuts and scrapes
  6. Helps clear up baby acne

Breast Milk is also great for healing ear infections (placing a few drops inside the ear), clearing up moms acne and rubbing the fatty part of your milk on stretch marks! I'm very into natural remedies and try to avoid antibiotics as much as possible so I'm not going to lie....I've drank my own milk when feeling under the weather! It's natures best nutrition!!

I've it's very important to use coconut oil on the baby after a breast milk bath to seal in the moisture, I usually add Lavender essential oil to help her sleep.






Mentoring Series: Jeff Weisberg

This interview will add a COMMA to your check!

I am excited to share a 3 part series "Interview" style with a legend in the direct sales industry and a VERY good friend of mine for nearly 20 years...Jeff Weisberg.  Jeff has made his fortune in direct sales as a single father of two boys. 


Jeff is a NO excuse, NO bullshit, 1000% ACTION kind of guy.  

Jeff tells it like it is...and his infectious energy and humor makes him a guy everyone in the industry loves to hang out with and learn from when it comes to success.

Listen to part one of the interview...

Brandy and I had an awesome trip to Europe last year. We are pictured here with Jeff and and his beautiful girlfiend Sandra. This picture brings back many of our great memories...we had an AMAZING dinner for my birthday in Frankfurt then we drove into Luxembourg for the next few days. The hotel bar was closed but they opened it up to allow us a bottle to celebrate! Traveling the world with friends is priceless.  

You know what's really neat?  

Jeff and I both have a mutual mentor, Larry Thompson who is the Co-Founder of Herbalife, a $5 BILLION company still today! You can hear Jeff share his name several times in the interview and for good reason, Larry Thompson is the "Mentor to the Millionaires".  Ironically Larry Thompson mentored and worked with my parents in the late 1960's in a company called Bestline.  Bestline was a company where many legends like Larry got their start...people like Jim Rohn, Les Brown and more!  


Brandy and I with Larry & Taylor Thompson in San Francisco after business we found time to play!   

Brandy and I with Larry & Taylor Thompson in San Francisco after business we found time to play!


So take Jeff's advice very serious from this fact listen to it again and again if needed before we dive in to the next call on Activity and Leadership.  Jeff is challenging us to make a commitment to personal growth.  

Jeff's CHALLENGE is simple:

"Commit to 15-30 minutes of personal growth everyday" 

  • read a book
  • watch a video on YouTube 
  • read a positive article
  • call one of your mentors

Challenge yourself to do this everyday, starting today! 

-Motivated Mike 

If you want to connect with Jeff Weisberg:



PM International BOSS Ladies...

Did you know that "82% of Woman that earn over $100,000 a year do it with a home based business"??  Learn some amazing secrets on how you can and then LISTEN to the call link at the bottom of this blog!!

People always ask me "Why is PMI different then all the other companies out there?" Besides the products being amazing...Gluten free, NON-GMO, NATURAL and absorbing over 90%. What I love the most is how real the owners Rolf and Vicki are! As you will see below I moderated a call with Vicki on August 31st 2016, Vicki called in from Luxembourg. Several of us flew to Germany last November to tour the PMI headquarters and when Vicki was in Pittsburgh last October visiting her family she DROVE to Cleveland to do an in home meeting for someone on my team. How many people can say the same about the owners of the company they are involved in? How many of them can reach out and touch the owners? PM International is Vicki and Rolf's baby. If we succeed, they succeed and they are here to help us every step of the way! -BRANDY BRIGHT

 Ask yourself...

Do you want more time with your family?  How about Financial Freedom?  Pay off debts?  Get healthy?  Lose Weight?  Look and feel younger?  Earn FREE vacations?  Maybe you want to fire your boss?

These are just a few of the perks associated with PM International for you and your family.  You have the absolute power to join this amazing team of woman that are excited to work with you to help you reach your goals and personally grow in the process!

Be a great example for your children and build generational wealth!  PM International has been in business for over 23 years and nearly 90% of their customers have become repeat customers. This is what creates residual income.  People BUY, USE and KEEP our products and when they do so every month - you get paid...every month.  Imagine what an extra $300, $600 or $1,000 a month RESIDUAL income will do for your family?

Be that BOSS lady that you always wanted to be.  We live in uncertain times.  There is no guarantee in corporate America nor social security.  You have to be the BOSS for you and your family.  Make a decision, take action and control your families fortune. 

"My mother retired from direct sales in 2008 with a multiple six figure income.  She raised her 5 children while building residual income and completely secured her future.  I know this because I am her son.  What's amazing is that when it was time for her to receive her social security checks, she did not need them so she gave them to her mother; my grandmother.  It's quite amazing to see what several years of hard work building residual income can do for the entire family...for generations"   -MIKE LEMIRE (The BOSS lady moderating the call below is my woman!)

This is MUST listen to recorded call featuring Vicki Sorg, wife of Rolf Sorg the CEO of PM International out of Speyer, Germany.  Dr. Howard Peiper and a few of the BOSS PM International ladies here in the USA.  PM International is a 400M plus a year debt-free company doing business in 40 countries and recently opened here in the USA and Asia!

Meet a few of the PM International BOSS ladies: 


Brandy is a work from home mom who just had her third baby Anya Grace on 8/12/16. She and Mike have a blended family of 7 children!  Brandy loves that PMI gives her financial freedom and allows her to work from home and travel while raising their children! 

Brandy Bright and Mike Lemire

Brandy Bright and Mike Lemire


Dr. Peiper is a Pulitzer Prize nominee and has written over 12 Best Selling Books! Dr. Peiper has over 40 years experience in medicine and 30 years in holistic medicine. 

Dr. Howard Peiper and his wife Meg

Dr. Howard Peiper and his wife Meg


Tracy is a Beautician who kills it with BeautyLine sales! Tracy made IMM very quickly in PMI and was able to take her family on a vacation with the commissions she earned! 

Tracy and her husband Mike

Tracy and her husband Mike


Jacinth has been in Direct Sales for over 40 years!  She is a mentor to woman throughout the Caribbean and loves the fact that direct sales provided the lifestyle she wanted for her family.  Whether it's travel, time freedom or just helping others with their health and wellness; this business is driven by passion.  

Jacinth and her husband Hubert

Jacinth and her husband Hubert


Vicki is married to Rolf Sorg the CEO and Founder of PM International. She is the Charity and Good Will Ambassador for PMI and has helped sponsor over 800 children! Vicki is a mentor to women all over the world! 

Vicki and Rolf Sorg

Vicki and Rolf Sorg