It all started when…

3 friends, Brandy Bright, Laura Lenke and Rowena Yeager got together and realized that we have a lot to say and we need to share it with the world! In today's society people hid behind screens and tip toe around so many controversial topics. Not us!! We are 3 outspoken, Boss Lady Entrepreneurs. We each have a different story that we want to share with you! Each and every week we will share something real with you. Some weeks we laugh, some we cry, sometimes someone drops an F bomb. You never know what you are going to get with the 3 of us!! 

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You wanted real here it is my friends... No more teasers! Pilot Episode of Something Real with the Real Lolo, Rowena & Brandy! #SomethingRealCLE #RealSomething #PilotEpisode #Lolo #Roro #BrandyBright

Here it is! Episode 2! 🙌🏻🙏🏼❤️ If you’ve been married 27 years, 2 Weeks, or Engaged with a blended family there’s a journey of love ❤️and feeling like you want to run away. 😩 Tune in while Rowena, LOLO and Brandy share their story of loving and suffering with your partner. “Love is what makes the journey worthwhile!” #SomethingReal #SufferingWithYourPartner #Love #RoroTellsAll #RealSomething #Lolo #BrandyBright

“Let’s Talk About Sex” 😳 In this episode there’s no editing... 😍 real talk, real situations, real woman, with some real life stories, real challenges, real humor, batteries dying, toy box talk, wine sipping moments you’ll love. 😊😘😂 🙈🙉🙊 Join us for #SomethingReal #TalkAboutSex #LoloRoroBrandy #BossLadies

SOMETHING REAL‼️ Episode 4‼️ Why Hide Your Spending Habits⁉️ Financial Battles‼️ Do you feel your are finances creating a roadblock in your marriage or relationship❓Can you be who you really are and be happy in a relationship around this financial battling❓Join us for Real Talk with LOLO KNOWS Coaching with Rowena Yeager and Brandy Bright #SomethingReal #RealSomething #FinancialBattles #RelationshipChallenges #MoneyBully #RockMeCle #SomethingRealCle

Insecurities‼️ Body Image‼️ Bullying‼️ the hurts that are deep that hurt to talk about... Where does it start and how do we change it❓🙏🏼❤️🙌🏻 #SomethingReal #GirlBosses #StopBullying #OneWishOfKindness #HealthyHustlers #SisterPower #EmpowHer Rowena Yeager Laura Lenke Coaching with Rowena Yeager LOLO KNOWS Brandy Bright

Something Real‼️ Episode 6 SUICIDE ~ DEPRESSION ~ CUTTING Have any of these touched your life❓ When you are face to face with the hardships of life‼️ Real Talk. Real life. Real people. With LOLO KNOWS, Coaching with Rowena Yeager, Brandy Bright

VACCINE CONTROVERSY‼️‼️‼️ SPECIAL REPORT‼️ From Something Real‼️ All I can say is wow‼️ Time to do some serious research 🧐 “Information discussed in this video involves our personal experiences. As a viewer research & make a conscious decision for yourself. This is our truth... it does not have to be yours.” LOLO KNOWS Coaching with Rowena Yeager Brandy Bright

Life’s Balance with home, work & health... taking the time you need to Just BE‼️ Episode 8 Real Life with LOLO KNOWS Coaching with Rowena Yeager and Brandy‼️

Something Real‼️ Episode 9‼️ We want to hear from YOU‼️ Do you have something real you’d like us to discuss on the show❓❓ Do you have a favorite topic we’ve done so far❓❓ Comment below with your topic or favorite episode‼️‼️ #WhatDoYouWantToHear #Somethingreal #RealSomething #Recap #NewTopic LOLO KNOWS Coaching with Rowena Yeager Brandy Bright

YOU & YOUR SKIN - Something Real CLE - From skin cancer prevention to daily skin care, your skin is the largest ORGAN on your body and is exposed to every environment you are in and every single product you put on it. What’s good? What’s not? We encourage you to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! This video was created to spark interest and create awareness. You only know what you research. You don’t know what you don’t know until SOMETHING REAL happens... THEN we all research. Here’s what we have learned. 🙏🏼😊❤️